Al Gore: It’s Getting Colder, Because It’s Getting Hotter

While a significant portion of the country is stuck battling the bitter cold weather and sub-zero temperatures of the Winter season, Al Gore is busy doing Al Gore things…like taking to Twitter to explain how the freezing temperatures are actually proof that the world is overheating.

Boy, that’s a special kind of logic, isn’t it?

“It’s bitter cold in parts of the US, but climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann explains that’s exactly what we should expect from the climate crisis,” Gore said.

“World-renowned climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann explains why the bitter cold and snowy conditions gripping the US are ‘an example of precisely the sort of extreme winter weather we expect because of climate change,'” the linked article says.

“So, to the climate change doubters and deniers out there, the unusual weather we’re seeing this winter is in no way evidence against climate change. It is an example of precisely the sort of extreme winter weather we expect because of climate change,” the article concludes.

Ummm…“Climate crisis”? “Climate change”? Aren’t those just fancy new labels for the infamous “global warming” you’ve been so, so wrong about?

You know…like that time you famously predicted that global warming would cause the arctic ice cap to melt… with a due-date of several years ago?

Or that time in 2015 when Forbes Magazine said “Updated data from NASA satellite instruments reveal the Earth’s polar ice caps have not receded at all since the satellite instruments began measuring the ice caps in 1979.”?

Or earlier this month when the National Snow and Ice Data Center stated “Ice growth during November 2017 averaged 30,900 square miles per day.”?


You know, it would be one thing if a global warming zealot like Al Gore could admit he wrong, and perhaps update his models and predictions based on actual science. But instead, he’s too keen on sticking with same bogus logic he ‘s used for years.

In other words: New year, same Gore.


H/T The Daily Wire

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