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Barbra Streisand Proposes New Reason to Impeach Trump, It Didn’t Go Well For Her

With the liberal media’s narrative regarding Russian collusion and a stolen election getting debunked by the day, and with House Democrats trying (and failing) to introduce articles of impeachment, it appears at least one of our left-wing friends is now stooping to a desperate, new low in a last-ditch effort to remove Trump from office.

But the sad thing is, I’m sure more than a few are in agreement with her…

According to Rare, a recent tweet from Barbra Streisand, a formerly popular star of music and Hollywood and liberal elite, proves exactly how desperate they’ve become and low they have gone.

Before we get into that, let’s begin with what prompted her: A recent interview Trump allowed with a New York Times reporter, and this tweet from him last Thursday, saying “perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming”…

Then, on Friday, Streisand tweeted that “Trump proved yesterday in his interview and his tweets that he doesn’t understand climate change, healthcare policy, or the role of the DOJ (and he doesn’t bother to read up on these subjects!)”

Immediately thereafter, she followed it with this, claiming that “Collusion or no collusion, @realDonaldTrump should be impeached for sheer stupidity.”

Needless to say, and as evidenced by Twitchy, not everyone was impressed by Streisand’s bold, newfound call for Trump to be impeached from office based on “sheer stupidity” alone.

Sirius XM conservative radio host Andrew Wilkow chimed in (sarcastically), “Because that’s how the Constitution works. Good for you Babs …….”

Tim Young, political comedian and commentator for the Washington Examiner, also chimed in with “This is a pretty solid sign that democrats are giving up on the Trump Campaign/Russia Collusion fantasy.”

And last but certainly not least, even Former Secret Service agent and conservative pundit Dan Bongino couldn’t refrain from joining in on the criticism, tweeting, “Singing or no singing @BarbraStreisand should be mocked for failing constitutional basics 101.”

Wow! I’m not sure which is funnier, folks. The lack of basic constitutional knowledge, or the critical responses it has received.

You be the judge.

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