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Here’s What Happens When Liberals Get Asked if Christians Deserve Religious Liberty

Remember when one well-known fashion designer after another declined to dress the Trump family? Arizona-based nonprofit Alliance Defending Freedom (ADL) decided to visit the University of Wisconsin-Madison to hear what students have to say about it and publish a viral video, of course.

While several students agreed that a fashion designer declining to dress the Trump family has every right to refuse to do so, and that Muslim singer solicited by a Christian church to sing also had the same right to refuse, they seemed somewhat conflicted when asked if a Christian photographer should be allowed by law to decline to shoot a same-sex wedding.  See the full video below for yourself:

“For many, the issue is not so clear-cut,” the ADL notes. “For them it seems that the freedom to live and work according to your beliefs really depends on what you believe.”

This is now the America we live in, folks.  Sad, isn’t it?

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