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Obama Released 196 Detainees From Gitmo…117 Confirmed to Have Returned to Terrorism

Well, wouldn’t you know?!  (Hint:  You probably already knew…or at least suspected!) 

In December 2015, Barack Obama told Yahoo News that only a handful of Gitmo detainees had returned to a life of terrorism. However, it appears the actual number is 196, but you know…who’s counting???

Thankfully, Stephen Hayes at The Weekly Standard was there to count, and he dissected Obama’s stunningly false remarks almost immediately:

“It doesn’t match up at all. I think what we saw from the president there was sort of aggressive, breath-taking dishonesty. The president may not know how many Guantanamo detainees have been released but we do. 653. Of which, 196 are either confirmed or suspected recidivists. That is not a handful. That is about 40 handfuls. That’s far more than the president is suggesting. Beyond that the president said the United States has released only low-level individuals. Again, unequivocally false.”

And according to Obama’s own Director of National Intelligence, 117 of these 196 former detainees are now confirmed of returning to terror. The other 79 detainees, well, they are at least suspected of returning to the fight.

And now, there’s this:

Gitmo terrorist Sabir Mahfouz Lahmar, who was released by Barack Obama, was just arrested for recruiting for ISIS.

According to The Daily Mail:

“A former Guantanamo Bay inmate is among six people from an alleged ISIS recruiting network who were detained on Tuesday.

Sabir Mahfouz Lahmar was one of the six suspects arrested in Bordeaux as part of the crackdown, a French judicial source said.

Lahmar was freed from the US detention center in Cuba in 2009 after France agreed to accept him, the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, revealed.

The 48-year-old was one of six Algerians detained in Bosnia in 2001 on suspicion of plotting to bomb the US embassy in Sarajevo.”

Below is a brief list of Gitmo detainees who have returned to terror:

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