Trump Makes Massive Move on Health Insurance That Has Liberals Melting Down

Back in October, when Trump signed an executive order to increase healthcare options for Americans, early reports suggested the Labor Department had been working on a new rule to promote interstate health insurance competition.

“They will be able to buy, they’ll be able to cross state lines and they will get great competitive health care and it will cost the United States nothing,” Trump explained at the time.

“Today is only the beginning,” he suggested. “In the coming months, we plan to take new measures to provide our people with even more relief and more freedom.”

Furthermore, President Trump alluded to this again in a December 26 tweet, when he said, “Based on the fact that the very unfair and unpopular Individual Mandate has been terminated as part of our Tax Cut Bill, which essentially Repeals (over time) ObamaCare, the Democrats & Republicans will eventually come together and develop a great new HealthCare plan!”

Well, according to the latest news, the Labor Department must have done their part in those months, as President Donald Trump is set to deliver on yet another promise when he proposes a new regulation which would — you guessed it — allow health insurance to be sold across state lines.

And perhaps the best part about this proposed new regulation is that it would promote healthy competition within the health insurance industry and all throughout the country.

Additionally, it would no longer require insurers and health associations to sell plans in compliance with all of the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance regulations, which in turn would yield more affordable health insurance options for Americans.





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