Vanity Fair Video Sparks Liberal Meltdown After Making Fun of Hillary Clinton

In somewhat surprising news, liberal media outlet Vanity Fair published a video on its Twitter page suggesting that in 2018, perhaps failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton should resolve to “take up a new hobby”– i.e. stay away from politics and take up knitting.

And, whew boy did it spark some liberal outrage!

“Get someone on your tech staff to disable autofill on your iPhone so typing in ‘f’ doesn’t become ‘form an exploratory committee for 2020,’” jokes one millennial on the video.

“Take up a new hobby in the new year. Volunteer work, knitting, improv comedy, literally anything that will keep you from running again,” another contributor says.

And that’s practically all it took to trigger and offend some. Clearly, the video was supposed to be humorous and taken lightly, but naturally, some liberals couldn’t leave well enough alone.

Actress Patricia Arquette requested that the outlet “Hey STOP TELLING WOMEN WHAT THE F-CK THEY SHOULD DO OR CAN DO. Get over your mommy issues.”

Arquette also went on to say that the video was “asking for shit.”

Hell, even Clinton crony Peter Daou jumped in and tweeted in her defense, calling Clinton “one of the most accomplished women in the history of the United States.”

And former Clinton adviser Adam Parkhomenko chimed in on the matter, as well:



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