Woman Asks for Female Nurse Instead During Exam, Then Gets Dose of Reality

In today’s ever progressive society, it seems as if there can never be enough or too much progress.

That is, until said progress backfires with serious consequences (H/T Breitbart).

Well, unfortunately for one UK woman, she discovered a serious consequence firsthand when she went in for a cervical smear test.  She asked specifically for a female NHS nurse to administer the exam, but that’s not what she received.

According to the Times, the woman explained that “a deep voice summoned her for the intimate procedure,” and that the nurse “had an obviously male appearance … close-cropped hair, a … large number of tattoos and facial stubble.”

“Embarrassed and distressed,” the patient voiced her concern and expressed that a mistake must have been made.

The nurse, however, said there was no mistake.

“My gender is not male,” he said. “I’m a transsexual.”

Of course, the woman decided not to proceed with the exam.

The woman told the Times it was “weird where somebody says to you: ‘My gender is not male’ and you think: ‘Well, what does that even mean? You are clearly a man.’”

In an official letter, the patient complained about the situation.

“People who are not comfortable about this are presented as bigots and this is … kind of how I was made to feel about it,” she wrote.

Later, The Central and North West London National Health Service Foundation Trust sent a formal apology to the woman.

“We apologized to this patient for the recording error and because the staff member accepted they didn’t manage the situation appropriately; the patient needed to feel listened to. Trust policy is to consider seriously all requests for clinicians of a particular gender.”

Isn’t it sad, folks? And seriously, though…when is enough enough?

I tell you, if our ever progressive society continues down its current path of “progress,” it’s only a small matter of time before this type of incident and subsequent complaint become commonplace.

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