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Yes, There Was Voter Fraud…Hillary’s Campaign Caught on Hidden Camera

If Donald Trump was caught doing the things you are about to witness, the sky would be falling as the mainstream media would be going nuts about it, raking Trump over the coals for committing such an illegal act. However, we are talking about Hillary Clinton here, so the the rules don’t apply.

The campaign Hillary4America, a group that advocates for the policies of Hillary Clinton, was searching for recruits to go to the polls and preach the word of Clinton. It’s completely illegal and the entire thing was caught on tape.

Watch the video below….

First, it’s illegal to go to a polling/voter registration place and tell people who to vote for. It’s the reason why candidates can’t go to a polling/voter registration place and talk with voters, despite Bill Clinton doing it anyway and the media staying quiet about it. This seems like a clear cut case of voter manipulation and fraud.

Second, the idiots behind Hillary4America didn’t know that one of their prospective recruits, the very people they were instructing to violate voter laws, had a hidden camera on the whole time and exposed them for the crooks they really are.

Need more proof the Hillary Clinton committed voter fraud, check out this gem…

The only way to beat a fixed election is to win it in a landslide so that no amount of voter fraud can overcome it, which is exactly what Trump pulled off.

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