You Can’t Be Christian and Support Trump, According to “The View”

On a recent show, the liberal panel of hosts on ABC’s “The View” actually had the audacity to suggest it isn’t possible to be both a Christian and supporter of President Donald Trump.

And their major talking point as to why?  The recent report claiming that prior to the 2016 election, Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, had paid $130,000 to adult film star Stormy Daniels in order to keep her quiet about an affair that allegedly occurred between her and Trump in 2006.

But – you know – never mind the fact that Cohen denied the report, and released a statement that was signed by Daniels admitting there was neither an affair nor a payoff.

While the panel eventually got around to those facts, guest host Yvette Nicole Brown spun off the conversation and ran with the narrative that one cannot support Trump and be a Christian at the same time.

See below for yourself (right around the 2:00 mark):


“I feel like, and we talked about this earlier, we’re missing out on what the Bible actually says. We’re supposed to love each other, that’s all we’re supposed to do. We’re not supposed to judge, we’re not supposed to point fingers,” Brown said.

“So, when you get to a point where you have a candidate who is not loving his own wife, is not loving the people in the country, is not loving immigrants or black folks, that makes him a no, whether he’s cheating on Melania or not,” she continued.

“How anyone can say they follow God and this man? I don’t see how the two mix. They don’t,” she concluded.

Pretty compelling, huh? Except there’s one major flaw here, folks. While focusing on one individual and a story that has major credibility issues, she completely failed to recognize individuals and actual stories that are rotting away within her own party (i.e. former President Bill Clinton, movie producer Harvey Weistein, and former Minnesota Senator Al Franken to name a few).

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